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Matt W

Jan is an absolute superstar driving instructor. She taught me over several years, as I kept taking off overseas, and would get back to Oz and chip away at those L's hours. From a total beginner with only a few hours under my belt, and still learning vehicle controls and gaining confidence, to when I wanted fine tuning for the P's test, Jan set me up with driving finesse for life. Thanks to her preparation and instructing, I got my P's the first time at Warriewood RMS. I recommend her particularly for her patience, through and realistic instructing and notable qualifications. Plus she's lovely and her prices are extremely competitive (get the package deals!) I'll miss the chats but will always think of her when I use/see the sunglasses emoji!


I am so happy to have been recommended Jan as my driving instructor from one of my best friends who also got their P's from her. Jan is very professional in the way that she teaches, making sure that you not only learn all the particular test routes confidently and manoeuvres within the test routes with ease, but she also encourages you to drive in different types of roads conditions so that you feel confident and competent in driving in any location under any road condition. Jan's calm, relaxed and friendly nature makes you as a learner feel totally at ease so that you can 100% concentrate on learning and practising your driving skills. It is due to her outstanding teaching and her professionalism that allowed me to get my p's first go today.

Christine Chappel

I just recently got my P's thanks to Jan's help! As an instructor Jan is informative, helpful, friendly and easy going, and was a great guide to help me pass my driving test! I definitely recommend Newport Driving School:)


I put off getting my licence for over 5 years and now as a 22 year old who used to be scared of driving and the road, I successfully have my Provisional drivers licence. This is all thanks to Jan at Newport Driving School. Without her help and guidance I wouldn't be in the position I am today. I am so thankful and I highly recommend her to EVERYONE.:)


Jan from Newport Driving School is totally professional, always on time for your driving lesson, caring and calm.

Newport Driving School will be just as pleased as you when you Pass your driving test. Jan will teach you tried and tested methods for teaching the most technical manoeuvres to Learner drivers, with guaranteed precision every time. Newport Driving School will always try to work around High School students timetables, after School driving lessons are available, as your time is greatly valued also. Jan is PASSIONATE about road safety and this translates, comes through every single lesson. Driving Lessons have never been cheap, however Newport Driving School I believe is value for money, ensuring you leave the lesson feeling confident, engaged in the learning process, ready to go on and practice your newly attained skills the next time you drive, log books are always filled out every single lesson, and bonus hours are given until you reach your maximum bonus hours. Jan will give you up to date road safety rules, tips for your P's driving test, all this information makes the learning journey easier.


Jan is a wonderful driving teacher. Her calmness, patience and kindness makes a nervous learner driver feel a lot more comfortable being behind the wheel. She has taught our whole family and also a lot of my friends - I would definitely recommend her - a true professional



Jan is a very experienced teacher who gave me the confidence to greatly improve my driving skills. She is a very calm teacher who I felt very comfortable with as I started out very nervous behind the wheel. She focuses on shaping her students into safe drivers and helped me achieve a score of 100% on my Ps test first attempt. I highly recommend Newport Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive.

Rowena Kempton

Jan was just fantastic in teaching my two teenage boys how to drive. Jan is an absolute professional, reliable and very thorough. Both boys passed their driving test first time and both on a manual vehicle. Jan was highly recommended to us several years ago and I have absolutely no hesitation in further endorsing this very fine lady as your child's Learn to Drive instructor.
​Jan was very professional. My daughter had her two lessons before her final 'P' test, in which Jan made sure everything was checked and up to scratch. She pass on her first attempt with flying colours. Thank you Jan I will definitely recommend you! 


100% recommend Jan as a driving instructor. She instructed both my daughters, and both passed the driving test on the first go. She was able to practice all the routes that were used on the test. I feel totally confident in both my daughter's ability to drive safely after Jan's instruction!


I recently converted my overseas drivers license to NSW license at Frenchs Forest RTA and had 2 sessions with Jan Marden to prepare for my test. As an experienced driver I only needed to change the bad habits formed over the years and know whats expected on the test day. Jan was really friendly and to the point, she assessed my driving in the first 15 mins, went through the errors with me and made some notes for me to practice. She gave me loads of confidence; took me through the exact test routs in the area and made sure I am ready for the test and thanks to her I passed my test on the first go with no problem & scored over 100, extremely happy! Thank you Jan x


Definitely recommend Jan as an efficient driving instructor to any L plater looking to pass their driving test. Jan always remained calm through each lesson and her tips and tricks proved highly useful come the driving test. She helped me pass my test on the first go!! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great instructor who will teach them life skills about safe and skilful driving and of course help them get their P plates!!

H Edmondson

Thank you Jan for the manual driving lessons and helping my son Grant to pass his driving test first time. He was absolutely stoked! (and was also really happy that he got the route that you had practised the hour before. A very handy outcome for him indeed). 
Thanks also for your pleasant and efficient care of my children who have all attended your 'finishing school' and passed on their first driving test attempt.
3 kids down 1 to go!



Can't recommend Jan enough, she is a fantastic driving teacher who has taught our 3 children with them all passing first time to become safe drivers! She was able to take them on the test routes and ensured that they were all completely confident and knowledgable before their driving tests. Very thorough and a lovely person as well!

Sarah Jade

​Jan was an amazing driving instructor. She taught my brother and a few other friends, all who have passed first time. She helped me get my p's too which I got 100% first go all thanks to her! I definitely recommend her to anyone on their L's going for their P's as she was easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable and will teach you how to be a safe driver.

Sophie B

I was recommended Newport Driving School by my best friend, and I am so happy she told me about Jan and her amazing skill and knowledge in building confident and safe drivers. Jan was an incredabily helpful instructor for my early days of driving, to the very last hour before I went for my provisional lisence (which I actually went for, and passed today - first go!!) Jan was able to target my weaknesses which ultimately helped me improve into a better, stronger driver - I would give Jan a lot of credit for my pass, as I believe I wouldn't of been able to pass without her guidance!! Overall I would highly highly recommend Jan for any teenager learning how to drive!! Thank you thank you thank you so much Jan for your amazing teaching skills!! EVERYONE ring up Jan to make an appointment today!!


Jan was just fantastic in teaching my two teenage boys how to drive. Jan is an absolute professional, reliable and very thorough. Both boys passed their driving test first time and both on a manual vehicle. Jan was highly recommended to us several years ago and I have absolutely no hesitation in further endorsing this very fine lady as your child's Learn to Drive instructor.


I absolutely agree with the people who have already said that Jan is a professional and thorough teacher. I hated driving and I was afraid to drive and it took me a long time to learn. I had a dozen different driving instructors at different stages and there was nobody as good as Jan. I loved her being calm and extremely patient no matter what I was doing wrong. I believe that teaching me to drive could be quite a frustrating experience sometimes. Anyhow eventually thanks to Jan I became a confident driver and today I passed my driving test on my first attempt. To everything that has been said about NDS features before I want to add that Jan's being immaculately dressed every time we had a lesson makes her stand out from the rest of the driving instructors I have had. 


As a student of Jan's, I'm very happy to of have passed the test on my first attempt! As my test date was slowly creeping up on me, I decided to book in a few lessons to specifically work on parking maneuvers. Through my first lesson it was clear that there is much more to the driving test than just parking and there are many little things that you need to be aware of in order to pass. In my lessons, Jan ran me through all the test routes and this was great as I could become familiar with the intersections and the environment and surroundings etc. I was also shown were I was expected to perform parking maneuvers in the real test. The lessons by Jan were excellent and she remained relaxed throughout the lessons! After each lesson, she wrote me up a list of things I needed to work on which I could think about and practice in my own time. Thanks! 

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